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Cheri and Morgan have trained in many energetic modalities, some of which include Reiki, Fusion, Access, and other hands-on approaches to moving energy through the body. We do Chakra balancing, prayer work, and assist you with communicating with your inner, higher self. We have studied many subjects from which we bring information regarding your personal data.

muscle testing pictureEnergy work is done in a relaxing atmosphere of complete confidentiality. There are so many implanted thoughts, beliefs and ideas that no longer serve us. We assist you in releasing these without having to spend hours in the therapist’s chair. Although therapy is a fabulous method for getting to the roots of some challenges, we feel that energy release work can bypass minor issues without having to re-live them.

The Enneagram is our symbol for the graphic on the home page. This is another great tool for self-awareness and examination. You may be directed to a website for more information on that lengthy subject.

We may add Flower remedies to address the emotional component of healing; or add in an Aromatherapy fragrance designed specifically for you and your senses. Emotional release work can help you erase painful emotional patterns that no longer serve you.

"We are no longer small, emotionally reactive human beings with problems and issues to solve. Instead we are becoming creational source beings who share a dance with Life, who seek the very best in ourselves and others, who invent a new reality by loving it passionately and powerfully into being."     ~Source Unknown

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