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Ear candling should not be used as a substitute for medical diagnosis and treatment. If you have a serious ear disease, tubes in your ears, ear drum damage or an upper respiratory infection, consult a physician before you attempt this process.

Most procedures used to treat earwax accumulation, impaction, and infection have not been very effective. In fact some procedures can damage the ear. Some prescription drugs, especially those that contain hydrogen peroxide, have been known to irritate the skin of the ear canal. Water from “power washing” and home flushing kits can cause earwax to swell rapidly and injure the eardrum, the ear canal, or even the middle ear. Ear candling is a much less invasive version of modern methods such as vacuuming and "power washing." It is also a great remedy that can relieve: allergies, colds, ear itching, even mild hearing loss.

A good time to have your ears candled is when the seasons change, or at least twice a year. We encourage you to use your own judgment to determine how often you would like to have ear candling done.

We make no claims or guarantees that anyone will or will not receive any of the above mentioned benefits from ear candling. However, we continue to observe and hear of results and relief from our clients.


Ear candling is an age old “home remedy” used to sooth the ears and to relieve pain and itching from infections and other conditions. Clients have reported that it helped the body excrete excess wax that had built up over the years. Other benefits can include helping remove debris and helping dry out any fluids in the ear canal.

Ear candling involves the use of a hollow candle coated with beeswax. The candle is placed gently in the opening of the ear, while you are lying on a massage table, and the other end of the tube is lit. Warm smoke travels through the candle and enters the ear. You may feel a warm sensation in your ear, and it is a very soothing process. As the candle burns down you may hear some cracking and popping sounds coming from the candle. This is normal and we encourage you to relax and enjoy the process.

We cover the hair and shoulder, while leaving the ear uncovered. There is a metal plate between your ear and the lit end of the candle, to prevent any ash from falling. These and other precautions are taken to protect you from fire. When the flame gets to about four inches from the ear, the candle is extinguished.

We then unravel the candle and show you what comes out! Material in the candle at the end of the process may contain evidence of past infections, candida, pollen, ear mites and even parasites.

When the candling is completed, many people have reported that their hearing has improved, or that their head feels lighter. They say that there is a clear and airy feeling and that they are more sensitive to subtle tones and other sounds.


Ear candling, also known as ear coning, was used by the Egyptians, Essenes, Chinese, East Indians, and Tibetans over 3,000 years ago. For centuries, people around the world practiced the art of candling as a form of spiritual healing, to clear the mind and senses. In the Native American cultures, the Aztec, Mayan, and many of the North American tribes, including the Choctaw and the Cherokee, had important rituals involving ear cones, or blowing herbal smoke into the ears.

In the United States, ear candling is considered and “alternative” procedure that is not used by trained medical practitioners. Ear candling is practiced without the support of the medical establishment, though it is part of medical study in other parts of the world, like Germany. In fact, physicians and medical organizations have sometimes tried to prevent people form experiencing the process, because they don’t understand it, or that it competes with their more expensive and invasive procedures.

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