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What helps us: Natural Energy Impulses

The vital force. BEMER is the abbreviation for Bio Electro Magnetic Energy Regulation and is the result of the highest level or research and development in the realm of pulsed electromagnetic field applications (PEMF).

What is BEMER?

BEMER is a system that delivers a unique, patented and extremely broad-band impulse with low intensity. This impulse creates an electromagnetic field proven to enhance human microcirculation. This is the key to preventive care, as well as activation of the body’s own regenerative abilities.

What makes BEMER different from other systems?

There are a variety of ways to create an electromagnetic field. BEMER works with a specialized signal that addresses a variety of systems simultaneously. Because of its uniqueness, the BEMER Plus signal has been protected by a worldwide patent. The effectiveness of the BEMER 3000 Plus signal is recognized by physicians, scientists, and international institutes as evidenced by the extensive research that has been conducted on it.

What could bemer 3000 logo do for you?

omega symbol Improve blood flow, particularly capillary microcirculation, throughout your whole body, by up to 24%
omega symbol Boost your energy by increasing ATP, the energy molecule produced by all cells, by up to 18%
omega symbol Get more stamina when exercising
omega symbol Increase your oxygen utilization by up to 15%
omega symbol Improve your immune function by enhancing the performance of your white blood cells
omega symbol Regulate your pH balance
omega symbol Counteract the negative influences of modern living, such as insufficient physical activity, poor diet, excessive stress, and environmental challenges
omega symbol Improve your sleep
  Simultaneously energize and deeply relax, while
supporting yourself on all levels of your being.             Cheri Jaques                           Morgan Jenkins


"I have blood sugar issues and dropped a 30lb piece of concrete on my toe. The toe was black by the time I got home from work. In the morning I used a friend’s BEMER with the intensifier on my toe. The next day the color was light purple, and the blood had diffused into the foot tissue. I had been limping due to the broken toe. I received my BEMER and used it twice a day for 5 days and no more pain."

"I also had a Staph infection in the knee due to a cut. After a 5 day hospital stay with lots of antibiotics, the knee was still swollen with redness and soreness. I used the BEMER every day for 7 days was able to walk with no pain and could stand on the leg without any swelling."   Johnny M. Rodeo,CA

BEMER dog"Two years ago, our eight year old West Highland Terrier injured her hind leg during a mile long walk in the snow in Lake Tahoe. The veterinarian suggested costly surgery and could not guarantee successful results following the operation. In fact, they gave odds she might be worse. It took 'Madeline' about five months to recover from the injury, along with pain medication. She finally reached a point where one would never know she had an injury. A few weeks ago, 'Madeline' jumped off the couch and pulled a muscle in her other leg, this injury more serious than the first. She was in a lot of pain and we thought this time she would require surgery. We had just received the BEMER for ourselves and decided to give it a try with our pup. She was very cooperative and continued to lie on the mat even after the 8 minute session ended. The next day, her limp improved. The following day, she was able to walk up the stairs. By the fifth day of using the full body mat, twice a day, 'Madeline' was herself again, full of energy and life. I can't begin to tell you the amount of money we have saved just on vet bills alone from using this wonderful product!! We've had great success for 'Madeline' and can only imagine the many benefits our entire family will receive from the BEMER."   Robyn T. Orinda, Ca

"After several weeks of difficulty with breathing, I got on the BEMER just once. When I got up, not only was I breathing better but I felt giddy and happy. It seemed that as soon as the oxygen got to my brain, it elevated my mood along with my ability to breathe."   Jah M, Pittsburg, CA

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