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Working with animals has been a passion for Morgan since an early age. She has had pets her whole life and has been an animal lover from the start -- they captivate her. Morgan was aware of a more subtle understanding of animals at a very young age. She volunteered at the Concord Society Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) for more than 3 years, and has applied what she learned during that time to how to understand animals at an even deeper level. She is very sensitive to an animal’s body language as well as its basic emotions. Animal communication involves many aspects of how to understand and convey thoughts and emotions. For Morgan, animal communication is more intuitive; she feels and understands.

jazz and kitty picture Animals are incredible healers. They can bring meaning, compassion, understanding, love and healing into our lives. If you are a pet owner, have an animal companion or an animal lover in general, you might be aware of this basic principle. Animals work on all levels of dimensions for our healing; the physical, the emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies. They are very perceptive and have a tendency to understand us a lot better than we understand them! They also tend to have selective understanding, or just a will of their own. What Morgan does for many of her clients is bridge that gap of understanding. She has been successful in bringing peace to animals that are new to each other, and in letting people know if their pet/companion wants another animal in the home. She has also been there to help express the last wishes of an animal companion. Maybe she can help you with some of your questions.

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